Top IELTS preparation Websites

Best IELTS preparation websites

The websites for IELTS help the candidates improve their English language skills and score good grades in the exam. The websites list many helpful tools to prepare for IELTS Academic and General Training from the comfort of home. The websites also practice tests, explanations, and study plans to help the students prepare for the exam. These sites help candidates improve their weaknesses by providing test tips one-to-one. Many students choose websites to prepare for their exams, and here are some popular websites to help you with IELTS preparation.

When you are a student looking to pursue further education in overseas countries like the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, giving an IELTS exam is one of the key requirements for your visa processing and university admission. IELTS is an English language test that analysis a student’s language proficiency. The exam is widely supported by many institutions overseas and is a mandate for your migration to English-speaking countries.


TCYonline offers IELTS tests for students to test their skills and proficiency in the English language. It is one of the best websites for IELTS preparation. You are given these Monck tests in various sections of the IELTS exam to help identify your weakness and polish your skills to achieve good grades. The website also has challenge sections that display tests in various English language sections. Beating the highest score will give you great confidence in your proficiency in the English language. You will have the option to choose a category, mode, and also opponents while giving the tests. The website allows you to give tests anywhere, anytime, and lets you know where you stand and areas needing improvement with personalized performance reports. The IELTS courses are designed by experienced English educators to keep the test information updated. 

Global exam 

The global exam is another popular website for the IELTS exam with some sample exercises. Alongside this, the website also offers immediate correction with the right explanation. Many language experts update the content on the website to give the students a real-time exam experience. The students can take the test in real exam conditions, and the test results are saved automatically for viewing later. The best websites for IELTS preparation also feature a training schedule that helps the students prepare their time for the IELTS exam. The website has a trial version to know what the website looks like. After you give free practice tests, you can enroll for the premium version like weekly, monthly, or annually.

IELTS Mentor

IELTS Mentor is another website dedicated to the exam. The website offers sample questions and answers for general and academic IELTS exams. Each IELTS exam task has many sample questions with many sample answers, especially essays. The student using a mentor, the best IELTS practice website for exam preparation, can compare good answers, especially for the essays. Also, you will find some tips to improve for each section of the exam and more vocabulary to learn. IELTS academic tests are for students that aim to enrol in higher education at universities overseas. Still, the IELTS general is for working professionals or people who get training in English-speaking countries. It is for the non-students who wish to immigrate to the country to get a visa.

IELTS Test Preparation Course (Magoosh)

Mangoosh is another good website you should look for if you are in IELTS preparation for an overseas country. The best IELTS practice website offers various training programs and courses. The students using the website for IELTS preparation will have access to the special app to develop vocabulary. Many practice tests also help you analyze your current skill level for English language proficiency and also help you identify the areas of improvement. There are many resources on the website to help the students with the necessary tips and tricks to score well in the exam. The IELTS courses are designed with video lessons explaining the concepts and shortcuts. Many practice questions and video lessons for both academic and IELTS tests will support good preparation for the tests.

Free IELTS Online Course (British Council)

If you are not a student who can offer premium versions at the website for IELTS preparation, you can check on the British Council website for IELTS practice. The free course on the British Council website will help you understand the IELTS test for free. The British Council designs it and is available on the Future Learn platform. The entire course runs for six weeks; if you can, at least spend two hours a week. You can also get tips to score well in the IELTS exam. On enrolling in the free course here, the student will understand how the IELTS exam is assessed. The students learning here will get access to spoken and written English tests assessed by other learners. The student gets access to an 8-hour free course, and you may have to pay if you want to access anything beyond this. If you are looking for further assistance in writing essays, you can reach out for essay writing help.


Preparing for the IELTS exams is beyond the classroom. Scoring well on the tests is very important for immigration and university admission. IELTS LIZ is a website offering courses designed by professionals. Liz is very good at IELTS and offers plenty of practice questions on the website and some valuable tips. It is the best site for IELTS preparation. There is also a youtube channel offering some valuable information about the exam. The videos on the channel cover all IELTS tasks like reading, speaking, listening, and writing. The website also has videos on the IELTS exam pattern, helping you to manage the time during the test.


IELTS Buddy is another good website you should look at when you focus more on your exam preparation. The website has a lot of sample exercises to practice. These tests are downloadable, and you can work off your internet connectivity. It also has vocabulary sections that focus on different exam tasks, increasing your command of the English language. The website IELTS Buddy has some information on tips and strategies to earn more points on the test. The best part of the website is the model answers in the writing module. The model answers here help the student understand how to answer the questions, like writing an essay or commenting on a graph. You will be able to understand how to organize your ideas and also use your vocabulary while handling the writing section of the IELTS exam. It has one-to-one feedback sessions to help you spot weak areas and evaluate your improvements while preparing for the test. Each student using the premium versions will have a dedicated mentor. Top-notch video courses are, however, an added advantage.

IELTS 6 to 9 Website

The candidates can use IELTS 6 to 9 website to check their writing skills for the test. The course on the website has built-in tips and tricks to score high. The practice tests designed here have detailed the exam pattern. The mock tests on the website give a real-time experience to the candidates with the mock tests. You will get access to free IELTS writing and rewriting evaluation service, and it is the best site for IELTS preparation in the writing section. You may have to decide your IELTS band score in advance before writing the exam so that you can set your performance goals accordingly. Running the IELTS mock tests on the website will help you learn your weak points and improve your IELTS score.


Udemy has a well-recognized IELTS course designed by well-recognized tutors. The candidates enrolling in the course will get access to reliable and organized sample tests that aim to give a real-time experience to the students. It is a unique score designed to help students achieve their score goals in the IELTS exam. The courses here provide an in-depth analysis of the exam and focus on developing the necessary skills for the students to score high in the exam. It is often considered one of the best websites for IELTS preparation without paying high costs. The introductory course teaches the students accurately about the exam pattern. The tutors here will give instant clarification about the syllabus doubts. You can get your written and spoken tests assessed by other learners helping you to evaluate your performance.

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